2020-10-06 - Introduction


Why am I adding this part of the site?

My site is kind of pretentious. For a long time i had felt that I have to put everything up in a completed state, and as a result, most of my ideas are lost to social media. The kind of person I actually am is lost in all this crap. Sure, they’re good articles but for what?

Its not like I’ll write every day but I think people will be interested in this.

With my twitter being taken down repeatedly, this means most of my notes have been taken away. Its shameful. So maybe putting them here would be more helpful. I figure that I can upload them and do new things with them.

Its worth pointing out that my bio is a joke by the way. I know some people actually take it literally and idk how to feel about that.

The way I built this part out it will just auto link all the notes so that way you can click through them. Do be aware though they aren’t blog posts. Because of this you can’t search through tags. They’re just going to be the notes.

Maybe I’ll add more later, who knows.

Perhaps I should build a widget that makes it easier to do.


The reason why I’m doing this is because recently I’ve become more interested again in the Anti-Oedipus papers, and I find it very interesting how Guattari compensated for his memory loss by writing notes, and he clearly had interesting ideas going on but he wasnt able to assemble them.

Something thats really interesting about this is that because they were written on paper and were eventually released to the public, the text is able to continue existing - something that sadly isnt true for my twitter accounts, haha. This however is the cost of privatized distribution of information.

You know its like how Twitter owns the servers with your data. Everyone kinda forgets about it because they have socially encoded themselves as normal through invading the social. But when our accounts get suspended, we lose critical contacts, friends, and all of our posting history, our ideas in a way.

Twitter is designed to make you cum in a text box. You aim your fucking dick and you jack off until you fill the box dripping with cum and click the “send” button by tapping it with the sore tip. And this forms a sort of water wheel where you can continue rotating around and round that runs the whole damn thing, by creating a feed of content for users to consume. This allows for marketing material to blend in perfectly - im not talking ads, I mean the fucking marketing shit, like Arby’s and all that. They do that shit to blend in like an army of chameleons.

An interesting difference here though is that some of my notes are lost even if I host them myself. This is because the user interface of a computer allows me to make modifications that wouldn’t have occured with pen and paper. So something is a little bit more pure about my role model.

But then theres also the fact he could draw diagrams easier! Its such a pain in the ass on the computer! Fuck, computers man! I love them but I hate them at the same time.

By the way, recording surfaces = user interfaces. They are literally the same thing. This is why accessibility design correlates so strongly with Guattari’s work. The more I learn about it the more im just fascinated by it.

Discord Fragments. I’m going to post a few:

its culturally contextualized. the self wasn’t always perceived as the self, its culturally created. anyways, the soul exists as a sort of device that christianity can control your behavior through by making you act as little units of christianity as opposed to actual separate units. and it says oh this is basically how a person should act and be. basically, the self is a construct created as a sort of surface for capitalism where anything can happen inside but you’re still part of the machine and this can really be seen in how advertising keeps constantly targeting and reinforcing the idea of a self… oh you like this, oh you like that, ect.

it wants you to construct an identity through images and shit because you consume them and that fuels it.

this is why i hate pride flags so much like ok they’re cute but they’re literally so alienated from the subject i want to fuck ass okay and i want my ass to be fucked if you want a flag make it covered in shit like my fucking dick.


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