2021-02-25 - Liberals and Coronavirus, Evolution

Liberals and Coronavirus

i wish i could get through the typical liberals head that when you dont want to help people with housing and accept petty allowances that you are telling people to risk their entire futures for your stupid fuckin ideology

they only care about optics and images and oh, front line workers! thank u essential workers uwu! a vaccine is out! they just see an array of pictures in a story book instead of all the bodies

and its so frustrating how many people dont see the visceral reality the working class has been forced through in the last year they have literally had their bodies shoved through a SARS-CoV-2 grinder

this is what all of us have gone through together - it is much more than simply another disease, but a visible and public betrayal, and one that centers around using a cute slideshow charade to distract us with a fairy tale that everything will get better while more lost souls vanish into the abyss

once this is all “over” we will have one million corpses and tens of millions of mangled bodies what then…


our fear of crimes comes from the alienation that we’ve gained through our increased isolation

think about how house invasions have really become a problem because we have entirely privatized the space we now live in or how domestic abuse propogates because of the privacy of the home privatization is related to crime because the emergence of these walls is actually what creates the conflict that generates them

if we were all living together and able to intermingle and exchange our stuff it wouldn’t work that way

in the ancient past, humans had to fear saber toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, giant ferocious lizards and eagles, and we had to bind together just to survive

as we have started to learn how to exploit value from things, we gradually started to alienate each other from each other. much more than practically any other species on earth we concentrate our hatred towards each other rather than necessary for our survival. Why is that? For us, and perhaps even some other species as they are influenced by our globalizing climate emulsifying effects, our evolutionary survival complex has moved to a new realm - the competition found on the marketplace.


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